Traffic Shield

Traffic Shield Insurance for $10.00 a month for 12 months we will pay your ticket and show up to court on your behalf.

The Traffic Shield guarantee, If you receive a moving violation we will show up to court and pay your ticket. All tickets are covered except DUI. Here are just a few of many tickets we will pay on your behalf. Following to close, reckless driving, speeding, failing to yield, and so much more. You speed we have what you need!

We provide drivers of all ages a simple, easy, and best way to dismiss your traffic ticket, add up to 5 points on your driving record, or even earn hefty discounts on your monthly insurance rates. We offer courses for drivers from all over Virginia. Our driver improvement courses are not only state-approved but also meet all the requirements to satisfy a court order, dismiss traffic violations from a driving record, or add up to 5 points on your driving record. Our courses set a high standard for quality, convenience, and ease of use. We’ve collaborated with numerous drivers education professionals and experts in learning theory to craft a course that’s comprehensive, educational, and entertaining, without being complicated or difficult to understand. Each chapter in the course focuses on a single subject so you absorb that information more easily. Topics include:

  • a) Rules of the road
  • b) Defensive driving techniques
  • c) Highway and city driving etiquette
  • d) How to drive in inclement weather conditions