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Traffic School Classes

While it is exhilarating to drive as it allows you to feel a sense of freedom and independence by allowing you to control your journey and destination, there might be some road bumps along the journey that require some navigational skills. When we talk about road bumps, we don’t necessarily mean speed bumps as there are additional hurdles and threats on the road, such as poor weather conditions, bad drivers, and drunk drivers, that can make driving unpleasant and even dangerous.

There are thousands of road accidents every year in the United States due to speeding, driving under the influence of substances, unsafe road infrastructure, and distracted drivers. Drivers on the road should know how to protect themselves and the occupants of their vehicles against accidents and collisions.  At Ticket Shield, we believe educating drivers about the perils of driving can positively contribute to reducing the number of road accidents and fatalities.

Our method of preparing our clients in the art of defensive driving can equip them with knowledge of warning signs and driving skills that can help them defend themselves in precarious situations. Defensive driving allows our clients to be as prepared as they can be and limit the damage by being conscious of the following:

  • Giving all their attention and focus to the road and their surroundings while driving which means avoiding cell phone use especially texting
  • Preparing and planning for emergencies by keeping first aid kits in their vehicles
  • Observing other vehicles on the road and adjusting their vehicle’s speed accordingly
  • Practising how to maintain control over their cars to limit response time when dealing with emergencies
  • Staying alert on the road and not assuming what the other driver will do, especially during overtaking, intersections, and junctions
  • Following road warning signs and staying within their lanes according to road surface markings
  • Being conscious of your speed, especially when driving in hazardous weather conditions such as rain and snow, which make the road extra slippery or when driving on bumpy roads that are not carpeted

Defensive driving does not only include instructions for minimizing the risk of accidents on the road, they can also be used for limiting damage in areas such as parking lots by being aware of one’s surroundings. Driving style and technique differ from person to person, and we all make mistakes on the road; however, you should aim to protect your life and saving others by assessing any threats and driving responsibly. Our professional driving experts have years of experience driving, and they’ll be teaching you about road safety and other hazards to look out for when driving.